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The SmartPole® is an environmental friendly replacement for the wooden poles treated with cole-tar creosote (a toxic preservative that was banned for consumer use by the European Union in 2003 due to its leakage into groundwater and carcinogenic effect on people). While there are several alternative to wooden electricity poles, most alternatives are often prohibitively expensive or cumbersome due to higher weight and need more energy during production.

The SmartPole® is unique in that a lower amount of energy is needed to produce them and they weigh a fraction of poles made of concrete or steel. Originally designed for developing countries, the SmartPole® is a durable, low-cost pole suitable for electricity grids. It is manufactured using a unique combination of high performance concrete and basalt fibre reinforced polymer. 

The outstanding environmental characteristics and unparalleled life expectancy of the SmartPole® in harsch climates makes it the ideal choice for grids all over the world. They can be manufactured locally and almost no material needs to be imported.

Our target market is construction companies and electrical grid owners and we are currently focusing on Sweden where we have our production facility but envisage a global demand. We will have a large-scale production plant in Sweden finished in 2016. Our current production is geared for test production only but we are willing to license our production process (both low and high capacity) to interested parties.

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